Lebanese Restaurant for Vegetarians – Is it a Good or a Bad Choice?

Lebanon is a beautiful country, with welcoming people, and also good food! Lebanese cuisine, in general, is known for its twists to existing meals, and at the same time, some of them are original recipes that have been passed down from generations. They are also very popular in Australia particularly, so you can find a Lebanese restaurant wherever you go! With their amazing and appetizing food, can everyone enjoy it, even people that only eat green foods? That’s our question for today, and we will provide an answer in this article right away!

Lebanese food in Sydney is very famous, all thanks to charcoal chicken and its other variations. A lot of Australians are going crazy with this recipe, and most of them even order from restaurants, even if it is far away from their locations. But aside from the charcoal chicken, are there other foods that are perfect for vegetarians. Of course, there is! In fact, Lebanese cuisine is very popular with its massive usage of vegetables and fruits.

Salads are common orders in a Lebanese restaurant, and most of them aren’t really identical to each other. Different restaurants have their own way of doing healthy salads, and they mix and experiment with different fruits and vegetables to achieve the best results. One of the best examples is the Grilled Halloumi Salad, which is a platter of deliciousness and nutrition!

If you want a delightful and easy-to-consume snack, the Batata Harra recipe might be enough for you. It might not be that popular of a recipe, but it can easily rival the taste of Fries with its hallmark spices and crunchiness.

Although with the inclusion of meat, we should still mention the best charcoal chicken in town, since we know that everyone will enjoy this very iconic dish. It is also very versatile as it can easily go with any other dish, including the Maghmour, a porridge-like dish that delivers a clash of taste in someone’s mouth.

Going back to vegetarian recipes, the Manakeesh is known for being a famous breakfast choice by many Lebanese. Again, it is also very customizable, and almost any vegetable combinations can go with it, as long as the tastes are balanced and measured correctly. Tomato and Onion are two common ingredients that a Lebanese restaurant would use, but you can also do this at the comfort of your home! The only difference is that a restaurant would use authentic ingredients from Lebanon, so it would really feel accurate when it comes to the taste!

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