Best Pizza Toppings You Can Try

Pizza without toppings will never be one. Choosing the best topping on your pizza is sometimes the hardest decision to make, don’t worry; we have a list of our favorites that we will share with you.


While many people misunderstood pineapple, it is one ideal topping on pizza. It has a unique texture and moisture, but many people still love it. Although you cannot see this in most Italian restaurants, some remain to have a soft spot on this sweet treat.


Mushrooms, when cooked, get crisped, and many people love this. It is vegan, but the taste of glory it brings is fantastic. It tastes bland, and with the addition of caramelized onions and garlic, it tastes much better. 


Although this is not a common topping on pizza, its crunch and smokiness are excellent. Even if this is the only topping with cheese, it will taste good and smell savory. Imagine the crisp and crunch it delivers every bite. You will never resist it!


Peppers are bland, but it is one of the ideal pizza toppings. It adds texture and crunch to the pizza when they are on top. They add snappiness and perfect on top!


While some do not like this topping, some admire spinach on pizza. The texture is fantastic, especially when both are crisp just entirely. They compare spinach with olives, but both work well with pizza, especially if you are a vegan. You will like this combo.


Onions are usually on pizza toppings. They offer a sweet, salty feeling to the pizza when caramelized; they enhance the meat’s smell and flavor. You can never go wrong with the humble onions.


Where would pizza be without you? The traditional topping has the best feeling it can give to pizza lovers. They are meaty, curled, and perfectly flavored on top. We can all agree that this is the best topping, but it still depends on someone’s preference.


Pizza is one of the best foods in the world. When people are busy and hungry, they call for pizza delivery, and voila. The choice of choosing the best toppings and flavors will come even if you will find your own. If you have no idea, we have the list above that can help you get the next time you eat. This list is our favorite, and we are happy to share it with other pizza lovers!

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